an o-K clinic visit

Look who we ran into on our weekly pilgrimage to Duke yesterday morning! Coach K was in the lobby participating in the 101.5 Radiothon to raise money for Duke Children’s Hospital and chatted with us for a bit. I had been listening to him broadcasting on the radio on the drive to Duke, and then Maggie simultaneously puked and pooped all over herself/the carseat as we pulled in the parking lot. So I was trying to clean her and the car, while keeping the doors closed because it was freezing outside, and trying to keep vomit and puke contained, all while rushing to try to catch coach K before he left. Luckily we made it! We are back next week to keep Maggie on her pentamidine schedule and for her 6-month (!) post-transplant studies, and then I am hopeful we are going to back off to every other week (or less?) visits.



2 thoughts on “an o-K clinic visit

  1. I bet Duke’s Coach K found a very fragrant Rose family! 😊 I’m hoping little Mags is feeling better and her numbers are showing well! Go Maggie! Did you show the Doc your new walking skills?😁

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