Laney loves cooking

So, Laney loves cooking. She routinely helps me make Mommy’s coffee in the morning (which is very labor intensive the way we do it.) And here she is cooking fajitas. The pan is scalding hot, but Laney is fearless, even when occasionally singed: a sous-chef’s right of passage. I was derided for this hairdo that I still think looks fantastic.

2 thoughts on “Laney loves cooking

  1. Yes, Laney loves everything related to KITCHEN. I am so happy I saved the kitchen toys from Tracy and Laura that she always loves to play with over here. I hope you are getting plenty of Plastic Pizza from Christmas! The fajitas look delicious! I bet she loved helping! Such cute pictures. And Kaya is so cute helping Maggie. Doing a great job Parents and the whole fam!


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