Make it or break it

January felt like a bit of a slog – nothing really going on, but somehow the days have just disappeared without many accomplishments. Maggie had a brief hospital stay for fevers/adenovirus but seems better now, although still not gaining weight and less mobile than I would like. Kaya lost one of her front teeth and is rocking 1st grade. And Laney has decided she prefers crazy dance parties at school to ballet class and has announced she will go back to ballet when she is 6. I am excited but nervous for February – feels like a make it or break it month: Will Maggie successfully get off cyclosporine without GVHD? Will she finally start gaining some weight? Will I actually get my grant submitted? Will I manage to sound somewhat intelligent for my talk on Feb 16? Can I convince Laney to go back to ballet (okay this one doesn’t matter)? Will Kaya lose the other front tooth (okay that one doesn’t matter either)? Wish us luck…



3 thoughts on “Make it or break it

  1. Thank for the update!! I was really starting to feel out of the loop. Congrats to Kaya on the loss of her first tooth!! I hope the Tooth Fairy compensated her appropriately. :o))


  2. Wow, January is over and it’s nice to get some updates! I am so happy to get some more details on the sweetie pies, even though I live here and see them! I know you guys have been terribly busy. So happy Maggie is feeling better and Kaya is getting rich through the tooth fairy and Laney is expressing her independence about her extracurricular activities! They certainly keep us all hopping and laughing.


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