Poplar Point

The Rose family (including Maggie and her new immune system) went camping last weekend with our old preschool friends Fiona and Eric (and their parentals). It was great, except we had to skip that 1-2 hour period where you stay up and drink by the fire after the kids go to bed because it was storming. But we managed to get a good lake swim (not Maggie, of course), and have hot dogs and s’mores. I even saw Maggie’s fingernails be dirty for maybe the first time in her life! This is a picture of her eating her 47th cheese puff. Hair is getting long enough for pigtails!


4 thoughts on “Poplar Point

  1. Is great to see that she is healthy and good, and I’m excited to see how big is her, I remembered her when she was just I tiny baby


  2. Hello Angelica! Your little baby is all grown-up at 2 years old. She is walking all over and loves her independence! You would be running after her. So glad to see you on this post! Hope all is well with you! Maggie’s favorite word to say is No, no, no no. She understands a lot! Love to you and your family! Your English is great!


  3. 47th cheese puff?! Whose turn was it to watch her??? I’m pretty sure that many cheese puffs would make me ill. Oh, to be young!!!


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