Salty children and pizza

I had the rare opportunity to take Kaya and Laney out for pizza Saturday night. Tommy and Maggie went to a Mexican Independence Day party at Yoya and Dylan’s and we were left on our own for dinner. They both were exhausted, since I dragged them there after dance class, a soccer game, 2 flu shots (one for each of them), and a birthday party. But I really wanted some pizza and a milkshake. Laney ate only French fries, and Kaya ate only a milkshake. And I ate nearly an entire pizza and drank Laney’s milkshake. I highly recommend the Loop’s salty pizza and a cold beer after such a Saturday. Oh, and all 3 of us even ran a lap around the neighborhood when we got back to keep Kaya on track for her school marathon. No rest for the weary! #teachgrityoung


1 thought on “Salty children and pizza

  1. Missed you by a day. I was at The Loop on Friday night. It was good…didn’t have their delicious pizza…had a Greek salad,; also delicious. You did a lot in one day. Bet they slept well!


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