RV Day 2: Cades Cove

We are spending the first two nights at Cades Cove in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park – this was pretty much the only campground inside the park that would take an RV this size, which I refer to as the behemoth. You see, we rented a reasonable 26 ft RV from Outdoorsy, which is essentially the AirBnB of RVs. Then, a few weeks before the trip, we got a message from the owners that they sold their old RV and “upgraded” to this gigantic 36ft Class A Bus RV and that the cost would stay the same for our new “upgraded” RV. So, I had to rebook a bunch of our campsites (after already rebooking the entire trip from east to west coast) to accommodate the behemoth.

Cades Cove was very pretty, although we spent most of the day at the stables waiting for Kaya’s turn to take a trail ride. They have a ridiculous system for trail rides, where you sign up on a list and they take you in order, but refuse to give any sort of estimate of waiting time or how many people are in front of you. Kaya and Tommy eventually had a great time on the trail ride, Mila biked 5 miles to the the Abrams Falls trailhead and then hiked the 5.6 mile trail to/from the falls, then biked back, and I took Laney and Maggie (and Orly) on a carriage ride. Mila claims to have seen a bear, although could not provide photo proof so I am skeptical.


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