RV Day 9: Arkansas

Next stop: Arkansas! We have headed to the Mountain Harbor Resort on Lake Ouachita in Arkansas – we chose this stop mainly because of its proximity to our soon-to-be new puppy. But as a bonus, the Gangsteads from Texas drove up and RV’ed with us for the weekend. Our girls (and us) were super excited to get to play with other kids (and adults) and the 5 older girls played with every toy we brought within a few hours. Here’s a nice picture of our behemoth RV with their firstborn in the foreground.


2 thoughts on “RV Day 9: Arkansas

  1. Will you ever rent a regular size RV after experiencing this BUS? It is a monster, but I’m sure, plenty of room inside. How was the driving? Who was the bus driver…I am assuming Tom tackled the driving! Highways were probably the best!


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