RV Day 14: Douglas Dam

We stayed last night at the Douglas Dam Campground, just west of the TN/NC border. The campground was great, although the family fell apart when we first arrived (Kaya and Laney managed to get covered in mud, Maggie slipped in the shower and bruised up her arm, Orly witching-hour screamed for a while, and Penny the puppy tried to eat everything in sight). But we woke up refreshed this morning – I took Penny for a swim and then sat in the shade with her and Orly (theme of the trip) while the other girls and Tommy swam in the lake. Then Kaya made everyone turkey sandwiches (thanks Kaya!) and we hit the road for home. Also, baby yawns are the cutest.



2 thoughts on “RV Day 14: Douglas Dam

  1. Wow, what an exciting vacation! New baby and new puppy ….. A vacation to remember. Looks like a fantastic trip. Onto the next vacation! Glad you are enjoying the summer! Can’t wait to meet Penny Pickles…….love her name!


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