OBX 2020

COVID has ruined a lot of plans, but we are more than thrilled to keep our annual OBX trip with the Gangsteads and Chadha-Kayes.

The trip was a little different this year – no ice cream runs, shopping trips, bike rentals, magic shows, concerts, drinks at the bar on the bay, or restaurants. But we still got take out Duck Donuts (with an improved online ordering system) and still had the beach and private pool. But we also had a 4 week old and a puppy who had never been left alone and wasn’t potty trained enough to adjust to a house where the living area is on the 3rd floor. Plus Tommy’s parents, who always join us, decided to stay home due to COVID, so our built-in baby-holder grandma and dog walker grandpa were not there to help. Luckily, our friends are truly friends and pitched in with a lot of extra baby holding and dog walking (and cleaning) to make it a great trip.

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