First day of “school”

Chapel Hill schools is teaching remotely through at least the rest of 2020, so the first day of school was a little different this year. There was a bit of mild excitement, but it’s really hard to sell kindergarten to a 5 year old when it just consists of an hour on an ipad. But they did really like setting up their learning stations. So here are Kaya and Laney starting 3rd grade and Kindergarten!

2 thoughts on “First day of “school”

  1. These are the cutest pictures! Each is so proud to have her new learning station. This will be great even when they get back to the school building…..homework, writing, computer, doodling, googling, and a place to call their own! They surely are growing up fast!


  2. Oh! I remember when Kaya started kindergarten, with that maze of inside and outside hallways. Hard to believe she’s in 3rd grade this year! What a different kindy experience Laney will have!


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