At one point, I had Maggie on 4 different creams for all of her different skin needs. Luckily that has tapered off to mostly zero, but her eczema (/skin GVHD, depending what you want to call it) always flares in the winter. So, she’s back on just a moisturizer at the moment, with a hint of steroid on days when it doesn’t seem enough. Well, she has decided that she no longer needs assistance with application and did this before I was even out of bed today! – “how did I do, mom?” (yes, that is lotion all over the carpet)

3 thoughts on “Moist

  1. One time when Leah was little, she covered herself with vaseline. Then she took a nap on our bed. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I filled the tub with warm soapy water, covered everything in the bathroom with towels, and then woke her up.  Parenting is funny!   


  2. Your cousin, Tom (50 yrs now!), Tracy, did the same thing with vaseline! I remember Aunt Joan telling us sisters this story. Maggie looks proud of herself! 👧


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