Christmas Village

I spent countless hours as a kid setting up our Christmas Village, complete with storefronts, trees, an ice skating rink, and fake snow. Well, Grandma Baba finally decided she was sick of the thing, and dropped if off for the girls. Maggie has loved to play with all the little men and Kaya is already planning the layout for next year.

1 thought on “Christmas Village

  1. I knew the girls would like it! In that sense, it was easy to part with! On the emotional side, it was a major decision to part with it. If I could fit it in my own place and have the girls look forward to it at Baba’s, I would have kept it with me (so it wouldn’t get thrown away!) I am so happy they like it and maybe it will get passed down to another generation in many years to come. It originally was passed to me by Aunt Joan. And we changed and added things to it! So happy the Rose girls are enjoying it as their mother did and maybe still does.


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