Weekend in the Poconos

Tommy’s extended family was nice enough to invite us to a weekend in a log cabin in the Poconos over Labor Day.  It gave me some much appreciated help with Kaya for the weekend and the company was great, as always.  Our accommodations were top notch (we got lucky enough to get the master bedroom, complete with king bed, crib, and private balcony – having a newborn has its benefits!).  We checked out Lake Harmony and went tubing (well, Tommy went tubing.  I spent 5 minutes in the tube and then bailed to the boat), hiking, and hot tub lounging.  Overall, it was a great weekend.  Kaya did great the whole weekend, with the exception of the last 2 hours of our drive home when she screamed incessantly (we’re still not sure why – I think she was just sick of the car).

We got pictures of everyone with Kaya – this one’s my favorite because she’s looking back at Uncle Rich.  She’s really starting to make eye contact these days.

1 thought on “Weekend in the Poconos

  1. What a nice get-away! I love the way Kaya is looking at Rich. I always loved when you babies hit that one month mark….a little more manageability and flexibility and less “new parent jitters”. Kaya looks like a redhead in this picture….it’s definitely on both sides of the family! Maybe she’ll take after her father?


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