Milk Addiction

Today, I had the pleasure of bottle feeding Kaya, so suddenly I was the supplier. Hahaha, I will buy your love with a freezer full off frozen milk.

You see, I’ve developed a great mental framework for predicting how Kaya will act in response to different situations: I pretend she’s a heroin addict, milk is her white devil, and Tracy is her supplier.

Kaya in early stages of milk withdrawal

It’s great. For example, suppose kaya wakes up from a nap and I’m the closest person to her. You might think she would look at me and smile, but that would be a mistake. Instead, think like a heroin addict. She’s coming off of a great high, and now she’s deep in the valley of dispair. She’s waking up and suddenly the world seems cold and boobless. Where will her next fix come from? She has to have it now! Who the heck is that guy?! That’s not mom. Ahhhhhhh! That’s a much more accurate picture of reality.

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