How ’bout them O’s?

Working at BIDMC gives me the wonderful ability to get tickets to Red Sox games for $5 each, and we typically go a few times each year.  Today Kaya came along and experienced the Fenway magic for the first time.  We had tickets high along the third base line, and somehow got the disability-friendly seats, so we had our own spacious section with real chairs and ample room for nursing and changing diapers.  Although the Sox have no hope of reaching the playoffs, we were lucky enough to see the Orioles play, who are deep into a bid for a playoff spot and potentially a division title.  The O’s fans were louder than the Red Sox fans often, and the Orioles pulled out the win in the 12th inning.  Kaya insisted on staying the whole game, as she isn’t allowed to watch TV at home and would otherwise never get to see the highlights.

Tommy and Kaya at Fenway Park


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