I’ve recently decided to actually learn how to cook.  We’ve been eating a lot of crock pot meals and we’re slowly expanding our repertoire.  Today, I cut up some beef, carrots and potatoes and added a bunch of spices and put it all in the crock pot.  When we returned home 5 hours later, I realized that it is important to actually TURN ON the crock pot in order for your meal to happen.  So, I was tired and upset and Tommy says, “I know what will cheer you up.”  He led me into the other room and sat me down.  Twenty minutes later, he appeared with popovers!  I had never heard of a popover until I moved to Boston – for those of you that don’t know, it is a light, delicious egg pastry served at afternoon tea with homemade lemonade on a porch in the sun.  A popover is to a muffin like a crueller is to a donut.  Tommy’s popovers are as good as any I’ve ever had, including the famous popovers of Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park (where I was first introduced to popovers).  Perhaps I should forget to turn on the crock pot more often.


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