Cooking demonstrations and the like

With the new baby due any day now (did we mention that?), we can’t travel on weekends. But we packed in lots of local fun this past week.

On Saturday, we:
– Tommy took the girls to the dog park so I could work on a grant application
– We all went to the public library for story time
– We stopped at the grocery store and Tommy made a delicious homemade fruit salad for lunch (and salami sandwiches, and lunchables for the kids who hate good food)
– Went to the NC RV show. We went in a few RVs before the kids got bored and decided it was much more fun to watch the live and incredibly-boring-if-you-ask-me cooking demonstration from a dude trying to sell pots and pans that are somehow good for RVs (see picture below – they sat like this quietly for almost 20 minutes)
– Baba babysat and Tommy and I went to a murder mystery dinner. Neither of us was murdered or got to murder anyone, though.

On Sunday, we:
– Went to brunch with Tommy’s old college roommate
– Flew (or at least, attempted to fly) a kite at Homestead Park
– Managed to take the coveted full family nap (where everyone actually naps at the same time)
– Cleaned house, did laundry, watched Tinkerbell, and played with Playdough

Was pretty awesome weekend.


1 thought on “Cooking demonstrations and the like

  1. Wow!! 20 minutes of Kaya being entranced by a cooking demo? Reminds me of when DS1 was in elementary school. He would watch infomercials then list off all the reasons we NEED whatever it is they were selling. Seriously?! I don’t THINK so. LOL

    Best of luck on Baby Day!!


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