Everyone’s little sister

I’m not sure when the fighting phase of siblinghood is supposed to start, but we are clearly in a honeymoon period where Laney is old enough to play with Kaya, but still young enough to willingly follow all of Kaya’s commands and rules. It’s pretty cute watching them play. And since Laney switched into the “middlers” class at school, which shares a playground with the preschool class, she also has the reputation on her school playground of being everyone’s little sister. I commonly pick her up and one of the older kids (Kaya’s old friends) will have her by the hand and will be leading her around the playground. Here’s a picture of the girls after Kaya declared nap time one day (unfortunately, this never actually translates to anyone sleeping).


3 thoughts on “Everyone’s little sister

  1. I think they have learned along the way to take turns and now they play really well together. I love to watch them play. I especially love when Kaya takes Laney’s hand and they go off together on some mission…sisterly love! Other times Laney says “come on, Kaya, let’s go”……so cute!


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