Blue blooded hospitals

Day -9 is pretty much under our belts – Maggie seemed to feel great and played ALL day today, after we got through the every-30-minute chemo drug levels overnight. It is hard to be away from my “home” hospital, if you will, but have quickly figured out that my world is only as big as the transplant floor so it doesn’t really matter. Today I spent a lot of time comparing Duke hospital and UNC hospital, from a “resident caregiver” perspective. Here’s the scorecard:

Size/quality of hospital rooms: UNC>Duke
IV beeping tone/loudness (or lack thereof) Duke>UNC
All things food service UNC>Duke
Free monuts Duke>UNC
Lack of overhead code calls Duke>UNC
Wifi guest access UNC>Duke, but barely
Ability to control the temperature in your hospital room UNC>Duke
Recliners in the room that actually move where you want them to move Duke>UNC
A draw perhaps?

I’m going to have to figure out more interesting pictures than just Maggie with an NG tube but that’s pretty much my whole life at the moment!


3 thoughts on “Blue blooded hospitals

  1. You’ve got to LOVE the hum that filtration system at night, though!! It makes it MUCH easier to sleep than on “regular” wings at the hospital. Trust me! You do NOT want to try sleeping over on 5100. Duke PBMT 5200 ROCKS!!!


  2. Aww…Sleeping peacefully. So glad all went well last night. Thoughts & prayers for precious Maggie & family. Thank you Tracy for . 😊🙏🏻


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