Maggie is halfway done her chemotherapy infusions (and done with busulfan) and she’s starting to feel it a bit. Seems like she is having intermittent nausea and is completely refusing milk (either nursing or from a bottle). But she is still eating her favs like applesauce and cheerios. Also had her first unit of blood and first fever – a bit early for a fever in the transplant course and I’m hoping she’ll stay without fevers for the weekend and can stop antibiotics before her blood counts drop from chemo. Otherwise we’re doing fine – we finally met her 20 month old next door neighbor today who is super cute. Maggie is on contact precautions from her recent rhinovirus (aka, cold) and therefore she is not allowed to be in the same room with any of the other kids, so it’s been hard for me to meet any of the other families here. And all the nurses and doctors seem to be walking on eggshells when they talk to me (I think because I’m an oncologist?), so it’s a bit isolating. But luckily I have lots of local folks that have come to keep Maggie and I company pretty much all day.

Tommy and the girls are headed to Virginia for the annual Rose family cookout at his uncle/aunt’s house. It’s always a lovely weekend and I am sad to miss it.

(This picture is actually from yesterday – I didn’t take any today!)


4 thoughts on “Busulfan…check!

  1. Such a sweetheart and trooper! Maggie doesn’t seem to complain about her hospital room. She loves playing with her toys and especially loves having mommy there 24/7!


  2. Such a trooper that Maggie!! Glad your friends & family are able to stop by for a visit. I’m sure that helps break up the day. Hang in there.

    Marie Marino


  3. We miss you here in Virginia! Docs and nurses are funny around you because you remind them that members of the health care tribe are also vulnerable to difficult illnesses. We like to pretend those things don’t happen to us….


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