Elmo’s World

My parenting strategy has made a complete 180 from “How do I minimize screen time for the kids?” to “How can I make interest in screen time last longer?” So far the winning formula includes: put the screen out of reach, put on Elmo, add cheerios for boring parts, and make it loud enough so Maggie can actually hear it.

Overall day -5 went great – she magically started smiling again and drank a bunch of milk before bedtime. First dose of cyclophosphamide complete and cruising so far. And I am a big fan of weekends on the BMT floor so far – as much as I like all the volunteers, social workers, family support people (there are 3 employees just dedicated to peds BMT family support – the entire UNC cancer hospital doesn’t have 3 family support people!), child life support, nutrition, PT, OT, speech therapy, etc, I kinda liked not having anyone knock on my door to “check in” today.


2 thoughts on “Elmo’s World

  1. PBMT Family Support is AWESOME!!! I think you, as someone who lives close by, can’t fully appreciate them. Put yourself in the shoes of the families who come from far away and they take on a whole new meaning.


    • Oh I do think they’re great! – but just thankful for a quiet weekend too. We literally had someone knocking at the door every 5 minutes the first few days. I still haven’t hung up my Christmas lights!


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