NG blues

I’m feeling quite bad for Maggie as I write this post, because her NG came out tonight after she puked all over the place and I was helping her change clothes. Although I watched it get put in, I didn’t realize just how tiny she is and therefore how tiny her NG tube is. She literally just yanked on it for a brief second and it was out. So the torture of NG tube replacement is about to happen to her again. Right now she fell asleep waiting for the nurses to get ready. But I did get a few minutes of snuggling with a face tube-free baby, which felt oh-so-good. Otherwise she is doing great – the big transplant day is tomorrow. Didn’t take any pictures today – will shoot a few of the pomp and circumstance tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “NG blues

  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear about this as I was there for the last NG line replacement and we all heard her screaming. Poor baby. Poor mommy. I hope it didn’t go too badly. Lots happened after I left! I hope it didn’t hurt her too badly when the line came out. 😞And back in!


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