Happy Transplant Day!

We made it to the first “milestone” today: her actual transplant. It went as expected, although the syringe was disconcertingly tiny. I am excited that we get to start counting days as “plus one” and beyond tomorrow, although she is currently feeling okay and the hard days/weeks (months?) are still to come. We had a brief “re-birthday” party to mark a new beginning for Maggie. She was cheery all day because it turns out that the entirety of Duke Hospital is currently out of size 6.5Fr NG tubes and they had to order more, so Maggie gets a several day reprieve from her NG. She therefore got to look snazzy for her transplant photos. Here is Maggie saying “Gimme those stem cells!”




7 thoughts on “Happy Transplant Day!

  1. Little Maggie Muffin is so adorable in this picture!. So glad she had a good day today. Happy Transplant Day, Maggie. We all love you and even people you don’t know are praying for you. ❤❤❤


  2. Happy Transplant Day, Maggie!! So glad you had a good day. You are a TROOPER!! Continuing prayers for the transplant to take hold. You are so loved by your family & friends. 😊


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