Day +1: Magical tubes

I find it oddly calming that Maggie’s transplant day also fell on the summer solstice. For some reason it makes me feel like the karmic universe really thinks it is a special day. And now, the days will just get shorter and shorter until engraftment! We had a pretty uneventful day, which is exactly what we hope to have every day. Duke still had no NG tubes in stock today, and I got worried about waiting too long since her platelets are dropping – and I have been having a hell of a time getting her to take oral ursodiol – so I decided I’d just figure out how to borrow one from UNC (with full intention of paying for it at some point). Magically, however, when Duke got wind of my plan, they found an NG for her! So NG tube placement is on her agenda for tomorrow. She is still feeling pretty well, although was slightly more cranky and a bit congested today so her mucositis may be kicking in. Tommy and the girls flew to Boston this morning and many thanks to Baba for spending the day to give me a little reprieve.


2 thoughts on “Day +1: Magical tubes

  1. Way to go, Tracy! So glad the NG (I call this a Nose Grip) is coming. Maggie won’t like it, but we will! Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down! In this case, just a teeny, tiny tube helps the medicine to down! Hooray for a mommy’s persistence!


  2. I’m sure Maggie enjoyed her with Baba. Here’s hoping you were able to go home and help Tommy pack for the trip to Boston!!


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