Ceiling tour

Maggie and I returned to our “normal” routine a bit today – she had mouth care, had “play” time on a floor mat (which lasted all of 7 minutes the first time and a bit longer the second time), had a decent afternoon nap, and I had my coffee before noon. She is still having mild fevers and needing oxygen but looks a bit better. Still no smiles though. The rest of the family spent the day in the car on the way to Duck and arrived safely for a dip in the pool before bedtime. Laney managed to facetime me and and then carried the phone around toddler-style so I’ve gotten a nice tour of the ceilings in the beach house. Here is a pic of Maggie not smiling, and the other faction at a rest stop on the way to OBX.


1 thought on “Ceiling tour

  1. Mouth care? Oh, how DS2 detested mouth care when he was on 5200!! Looks like the “big girls” enjoyed their break on the way to the beach.


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