Full house

Maggie had a slightly better day today than yesterday, and even ate half a cracker this evening. Still no smiles. And her white blood count is 0.4 today – it’s too early and that number is too small to get excited, but it’s a least a first hint from her bone marrow that engraftment is happening.

Meanwhile, in OBX, the kids all hit the beach bright and early today. By noontime everyone was in chill out mode and I hear claims that all the kids were asleep by 7:45 tonight. (Maggie, however, was not.) Here’s most of the OBX under-10 crew with the exception of baby Miles (and Maggie)


3 thoughts on “Full house

  1. Maggie has been a real trooper. When the “masked bandits” come into the room, she knows they mean business and will be adjusting, fixing, moving her and everything else she hates, but she gets through it all. Love her to bits!


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