Mopless Monday

This is a picture of Maggie eating bacon! She only had a little, but her appetite is coming back and I am pretty excited about that. Unfortunately she is still having fevers, but she has pretty classic engraftment syndrome and I’m still hopeful that is all it is and not an infection. We had a pretty standard day, and Maggie has a WBC count of 0.8 (800) today – hopefully that continues to climb. Still no smiles today though. Funniest moment of the day was when the cleaning person came into the room. Usually they clean the toilet/shower and mop the floor. But today, she cleaned the toilet/shower and then turned to us and said, “Sorry we don’t have any mops today” and left. It’s just another mopless Monday, I guess. Word from the OBX crew is that the day was filled with Duck Donuts. Tomorrow is Monuts Day on 5200 though, which I think is superior to Duck Donuts anyway.


4 thoughts on “Mopless Monday

  1. Will continue to pray that we see Maggie’s WBC continue to climb & her fever to go down. I believe it will be just a matter of time we will be seeing her BEAUTIFUL SMILE again. 😊


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