Finally smiley

Finally I got a real smile from Maggie today – she is clearly feeling a bit better, although also still so tired. She can only play for a limited amount of time and trying to get her to move around on her own is tough. At baseline she has to be coaxed to crawl or walk, so you can only imagine getting her to do it on steroids after several weeks of being held or in a crib. But luckily for Maggie, mommy the drill sergeant is staying with her. But we had a great day despite my pushy ways. Her ANC fell ever so slightly today (to less than 500) so day 1 of engraftment has to wait. I think all of her neutrophils went to her not-yet-better butt. I got to facetime with Laney who told me she is STILL at the beach, and I barely got a wave from too-cool-for-school Kaya.


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