This is a song about Elmo

We had a downright boring day here in the hospital – Maggie is getting slightly more stamina every day. However, her counts were disappointingly much lower today. It worries me a lot, but her transplant team is less worried (or refuses to admit their worry). She is now on treatment for CMV as her viral copies keep going up (I thought maybe this is why her counts dropped, but her team doesn’t think so), and she is barely eating. On the plus side, her butt looks a little bit better. Looking forward to having Tommy and the girls back in town tomorrow. At least Elmo is here to keep us company.



3 thoughts on “This is a song about Elmo

  1. I really miss you guys! We will keep positive that those counts come up. The team told us the counts would go up and down so I’m holding onto that thought. Praying about the cmv, pulmonary edema, etc. GROW CELLS GROW. I hope I can see you soon as soon as this cold is completely gone.


  2. Good to see Maggie looking better today. I’ll be keeping fingers, toes, and anything else I can crossed for higher counts today.


  3. Bring on the reinforcements!!! Maggie certainly looks more cheerful at the thought of seeing Tommy and her sisters. :o))


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