Count purgatory

Same old today at the hospital – Maggie’s blood counts have not budged and her neutrophil count was nearly zero today. Today was the first day her transplant team admitted they were “a little” worried. Median time to engraftment for cord blood transplants is 22 days, and we are at day 17, and we know that CMV delays engraftment, so it’s too early to actually worry. Except of course I’m worrying. But she is feeling pretty good and played most of the day. She also had more of an appetite today and she pulled up 5 times today, which is 4 times more than yesterday. Tommy came for a while today and I hear the older girls had a day filled with museum-going, blueberry-picking, and goat-feeding with Gammy, Yoya, and Dylan. I didn’t take any good pictures today, but here’s a nice one from the weekend before we came into the hospital.


3 thoughts on “Count purgatory

  1. Since CMV delays Engraftment, we are going to keep positive. Remember what Nemo said “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”? Maggie will keep swimming! Those new cells are working hard. So happy she is feeling better and getting her strength back. Will see you both soon. Will text to discuss. Cold just about over.


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