Glut-strengthening movies

Our hospital room is only so big, so keeping a baby entertained can be challenging. One way I try to mix things up is by giving her time in the different places in the room – her crib, my bed, her highchair, the floor (on a playmat), and on the chair. I think the chair is her favorite because she feels like a grownup, and because I let her watch movies on my computer. Her physical therapist tells me to give her lots of playtime in the “high kneel” position pictured here. I’m not entirely sure that watching movies in that position is what PT had in mind, but I think it still strengthens her gluts, right? No movement on her blood counts today, which is discouraging. She is still feeling okay and today they stopped her steroids to try to get a handle on her CMV and stopped her pain medicine (because I don’t think she’s in pain anymore). So we wait and high kneel.


4 thoughts on “Glut-strengthening movies

  1. Sounds pretty good. Grow cells grow! Maggie looks so cute. How do you keep her from tapping those keys? She’s probably too interested in the movie?


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