Tonight was our wonderful au pair Angelica’s last night at home before she does a quick round trip to Niagara Falls and Chicago (driving with her friends, in 4 days, I think she is crazy) and then heads home to Colombia. This was the girls’ last night with her and there was a party and presents and cake! Angelica came to say goodbye to Maggie earlier this week and Maggie was SO HAPPY to play with her. She will be surely missed. Maggie and I spent the evening being grateful for being back in her room on 5200 with our team of wonderful nurses and amenities. It feels like coming home after a (thankfully not that long) trip. Maggie seems to be feeling pretty well but is still needing oxygen and her breathing is a bit tenuous. But we got some great news today that her early chimerism studies show that all the circulating blood cells are donor derived, so her slow engraftment is likely not due to graft rejection and I am really hoping for a higher neutrophil count in the next few days. So farewell to Angelica, farewell to the PICU, and farewell to Maggie’s own blood cells!


2 thoughts on “Farewells

  1. Good news on Maggie! This news made my day as well as yours! Yes, we gave a farewell party to sweet Angelica. We all will miss her! I don’t think it will hit the girls until tomorrow!


  2. So glad to hear that Maggie is filled up with donor cells!! Regarding Angelica’s departure, I know you all will certainly miss her. Here’s hoping she has an enjoyable trip up north and a safe journey home!!


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