Today marks 1 month in the hospital and to celebrate, we got shipped back to the PICU last night due to Maggie’s breathing fast and hard. She started having fevers again and with fevers come her fast breathing and need for oxygen supplementation. It was a bit less severe than last time, and they are similarly working her up for infections but thinking it may just be her engraftment syndrome. Our PICU accommodations are slightly more spacious this go round, and I have an interesting view of the new Duke Children’s Hospital construction site. Maggie has settled out nicely and is looking pretty okay tonight – I am hopeful maybe we can go back to the BMT floor tomorrow. No rise in her neutrophil count yet – that we are still waiting for. I facetimed with the girls for a while and all seems well at home. Kaya was very excited to report the tooth fairy did show up, and Laney is excited about Pirate Day at school on Friday. Sorry no pictures today.

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