Day 2

Today was a pretty great Sunday for several reasons:
1. Maggie’s ANC rose to 1989. That’s solid, and hopefully marks day 2 of engraftment. One more day >500 to be official.
2. Given the presence of some neutrophils in Maggie, we let Kaya and Laney come visit for a few minutes. They were very excited and managed to mostly keep their masks on. Laney was very pleased to actually meet Maggie’s doctors (she asks me where the doctors are every single time we facetime).
3. Maggie clearly felt a lot better this evening – she was laughing and pulling up and even smiling at the nurses (whom she has acquired a (deserved) mistrust of). She even drank 15 oz of milk today, and ate a fruit puree/yogurt and a bunch of goldfish.
4. She took a nap without oxygen. She just fell asleep again tonight and she’s not going to make it all night without it, but it’s a step in the right direction.


5 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Yay for some girl time!!! Maggie must have been so happy to spend a some time with her big sisters. (And they were probably happy to spend some time with her, too!)


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