Engrafted! But leaking.

Maggie has officially engrafted! Her counts stayed high today (even higher, actually) and she has reached her first transplant milestone. She has many more milestones to meet, but this is a requisite first step. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a celebratory kind of day, because her central line literally sprung a leak this morning. It is a triple lumen and right above the hub where the 3 lumens merge and run together, her catheter developed a tiny hole. I am not surprised, because it has been twisting and turning for the last 5 weeks. So, I got to watch a central line repair, although we won’t know if it is successful until tomorrow and we couldn’t use her line all day. So poor Maggie had to get a peripheral IV and we had to switch off her 3 continuous infusions. And she may need another surgery for a new line. She almost pulled her NG again last night too, but a quick mom-hand and a fortuitous nurse check-in saved the day.


3 thoughts on “Engrafted! But leaking.

  1. Oh baby Maggie it is so nice to see your smile. Those darn tubes are a nuisance but oh so important! I hope they can be reinserted without surgery. But whatever is best! Congratulations on Engraftment! So so happy!


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