‘Car’ trip!

Today was a special day in the hospital because they let us leave the unit! Except for her brief visits to the PICU, Maggie has been confined to a tiny hospital room, or the hallway outside her room. She was SO EXCITED to ride in a car around other parts of the hospital today. First we went to the fish tank, then we went to the children’s clinic building (after hours so no one was around). She was so excited that she hopped out of her car and walked (holding my hands) around the lobby. She lasted about 20 minutes on our adventure with full excitement before she got tired Then we explored some of the newer parts of Duke that I’ve never seen before by ‘car.’ I graduated from med school here less than 10 years ago and I can’t recognize most of the Duke medical complex. Then we tried to watch a helicopter take off, but there was no action and Maggie needed a rest, so we wheeled back to 5200. I’m already hoping we get to do it again tomorrow!



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