Elmo overboard

Maggie was downright bored this morning – I think our car trip off the ward yesterday made her realize how boring her room is. She is still needing daily platelets and on a bunch of IV medications, but she is doing really well and gaining more and more stamina each day. We took another wagon ride around the hospital this afternoon (car was unavailable). She really wanted to bring Elmo with her, so I stupidly let her, and she was so excited to hold him for the first 5 minutes of the ride. And then of course she threw him overboard in the dirty hospital hallway and I refused to give him back. And then she spent the next hour of the wagon ride trying to get to Elmo through a series of crying and/or trying to throw herself overboard. We miraculously made it all the way to Duke South where I reminisced about medical school by getting lost in the basement, just like I did every day of medical school. And Maggie got tired right as we made it to the Davison building and made me carry her all the way back to Duke North while pulling a wagon. But we snuck outside for 8 seconds to take a picture on the West Campus quad! (Note that I don’t actually have to wear a mask outside of 5200. But if I take off my mask, Maggie takes off her mask. So I wear a mask too)



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