Visit to Ronald McDonald House

Maggie left the hospital for a short field trip today. She had a great time. We went to Ronald McDonald House (RMH), where Maggie will live for the next two months or so.

RMH is amazing. Everyone there is extremely friendly, there is dinner cooked by the community every evening, and we have access to a private room with a kitchenette and laundry area. All are essential because Maggie can’t share those services with others.

Today was also the first day since chemo that Maggie didn’t get platelets. That’s great because the need for platelets is probably the limiting factor for discharge. Her need for platelets needs to drop to consistently every other day or better before she can leave the unit over night.


2 thoughts on “Visit to Ronald McDonald House

  1. You are lucky that Maggie will have a place at RMH! When DS2 was preparing to leave 5200, the doctors were pushing for us to get an apartment near the hospital. Since we live only 18 minutes from Duke, DH pushed to bring him home. That worked well for us, but RMH will be a blessing for you since you still have 2 young children at home. Best of luck getting sprung from the hospital SOON!!!


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