Wall of papers

On day 2 of Maggie’s hospital stay, one of the nurses put up a piece of paper and asked me to write down every time she ate anything. So I did. And when I ran out of room, I started a new paper. And soon I had a wall of papers. And this wall of papers represents a sh**load of work on my part. Because I stopped weaning Maggie when I found out she was going to get a transplant because it is clearly the best nutrition for preemies with developing immune systems and there is some data to support decreased risk of gut GVHD with breastmilk. But then she quit breastfeeding on day 5 or so, since her mouth hurt and bottles are easier. And this has resulted in me pumping around the clock for the last 6 weeks, while also taking care of a sick hospitalized baby. But I truly believe that it has helped her get through transplant, as there has not been a single day where she didn’t want at least a little milk, and she has maintained her weight and came off TPN as soon as she engrafted. So, I am proud of this wall of papers AND excited because I coaxed her into breastfeeding just a little bit today. (Also, I just did the math, and I have pumped for 46 months of my life – that is nearly 4 years!) Otherwise no big updates – CMV levels are still high but lower than before. They are still tossing around the “D” word.


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