Maggie and I took another trip to Ronald McDonald House today to get the apartment set up for her possible discharge. We are staying here for a bit post-discharge to keep her isolated from the germ-factories other girls and to keep her close to Duke. This trip, we were equipped with toys, but she still was somewhat unsure of the place and she was ready to come back to her hospital room after a few hours. As much as she has suffered some pain/discomfort in room 5203, she likes this little room and seems to feel secure here. She also LOVES the crib here, because she is up high and can throw her toys and her paci to the floor. Her favorite game is to try to get toys past me onto the floor. It is not my favorite game. Anyway, there is talk of possible discharge tomorrow if she continues to look this good and her labs/weight hold up. She is eating like a champ and I think she’s ready. Plus I am ready! Here is Maggie showing off her new place.


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