Maggie was officially discharged from the BMT floor to the Ronald McDonald House today. And I managed to give her 3 hours of IV medications tonight through her central line and am now fully trained in flushing a line, administering meds with a pump, cap changes, and dressing changes. You’d think I’d have known that stuff before, but I didn’t. 5200 had a confetti parade for us as we left the unit – Maggie was a little overwhelmed but it was fun. Coincidentally, a 21 year old pediatric BMT vet returned to the unit today for a dedication and the team also threw him a confetti parade, because he never got one back in 1997. We snapped a picture of him and Maggie for some inspiration. It was neat to celebrate with him as well, and hear him talk about his gratitude. I too am so grateful to the wonderful team on 5200 and am going to have to think of a better way to thank them than a few paltry hugs. The entire Duke PBMT team is quite amazing and Maggie has been so well cared for. Which makes it that much more nervewracking that she is now entirely in my care…except for the daily clinic visits that is.


9 thoughts on “Discharged!

  1. Ahhh you guys got out SO fast!!! So sad I wasn’t back in time from vacation to be there for her parade but I’m so thankful that she’s doing so well and is free!!! She is in GREAT hands with you 🙂 it was truly a pleasure to care for Maggie and all of you! Please come visit!!


  2. AWESOME!!! About those dressing changes… I saved those for the nurses to take care of at clinic. Hey!! He was going to be there, anyway!! Might as well give the nurses one MORE thing to do.


  3. So happy to see that Maggie Muffin is doing so well! I love hearing that little laugh of hers. We can tell she is feeling great. Yes, the nurses and doctors and staff were terrific on 5200. We will miss them! The apartment at RMH looks great and I’m sure after a few days, things will fall into place. I hope you sleep when Maggie sleeps! And take advantage of Baba time!


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