Home clinic

I am starting to slowly ease back into an actual life – I took Kaya to the mall (her choice) and Laney to the toy store, playground (both her choice), and out for enchiladas (my choice) on Saturday, and then took them both to the pool on Sunday while Tommy watched Maggie. I still won’t leave Maggie for more than 3 hours so she doesn’t have to take a bottle but it’s a start. She also hasn’t needed platelets for DAYS and I am enjoying our extra time out of clinic. I can also now give IV magnesium and Neupogen at “home”, as well as IV cyclosporine and ganciclovir. So Tommy and I pretty much run a full clinic. But it has enabled me to do some work and even watch a few tennis matches on TV while playing with Maggie. We are still a long way from any sort of normalcy, but we are slowly adjusting. Here’s Laney and I at El Rodeo.


4 thoughts on “Home clinic

  1. Yay!! Some Mommy and me time with the “big” girls!!! Looks like you and Laney had a blast (and I’m sure that you and Kaya did, too.)


  2. I’m so happy the older girls had some time individually and together with Tracy for the weekend. It has been almost two months without their mommy! I don’t know who loved it more, mommy or the girls! Life is good! Maggie is coming along nicely AND with no germs from any public places which can be extremely dangerous to her at this time. Yes, life is good and we intend to keep it that way with God’s help. Thank you family and friends for all your prayers so far along this journey.


    • Tracy, so thankful for your medical knowledge and the wonderful mommy you are. Tom, so thankful for all the support you have given Tracy and your girls during this unexpected family crisis which we will all get through together. Our friends and family have all sent angels to watch over Maggie and all of us. 😍😍


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