Growing up

No big news from the Rose front in the last few days. Maggie is still doing fine, although had 24 hours or so of decreased appetite and vomiting of unclear cause, but she kept her weight/labs stable and never stopped smiling. She has really grown up a lot in the last few weeks and it’s nice to see her progress a little bit in terms of language and locomotion. She will now walk with only one hand of support, which seems to approximate the right walking posture. She turns full teenager twice a day and zones out to the Ipad while I hook up her meds. And I haven’t seen the other girls for over a week, although Kaya is feeling better and Laney only has a cough. They are headed out to the western part of the state this weekend for a late summer mountain getaway with Tommy, Yoya, and Dylan.




1 thought on “Growing up

  1. Thanks for the update! Sorry to hear Maggie was ill and that the big girls aren’t completely over their crud. Here’s hoping they enjoy their mountain getaway!!


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