Last weekend we had a rare opportunity where both older kids were healthy, so we let them come visit Maggie and me at Ronald McDonald House. Kaya slept over on Saturday, and Laney slept over on Sunday.  Both kids were super excited to visit/stay over, and Kaya was even downright helpful with Maggie, but I was pretty exhausted by Monday morning. My parenting strategy has always been to take everybody outside or somewhere fun so I don’t have to entertain, so last weekend felt like I constantly had to put on a show. And then a combination of scheduling confusion, tornado warnings, and an early echo appointment led to Laney coming to Maggie’s echo on Monday. Which I believe was the highlight of her stay, because I let them watch the Ipad and eat Cheez-Its during the echo. Anyway, this weekend, everybody has a cough at home (yes, again) so Maggie and I are spending this weekend by ourselves.



2 thoughts on “Entertainment

  1. Aw-w-w. They really are concentrating on Elmo or whatever you or Laney chose. So cute. Maggie is nice and still for her Echo. Go Maggie Muffin Sweetie Pie! Go mommy (and daddy) for hanging in there. It’s quite a journey. ❤️


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