home sweet HOME

Lots of updates this week! Tomorrow is day +100 after transplant, which is another big transplant milestone. It’s also the week where kids have a ton of testing to see if the transplant is working. So far Maggie’s new immune system seems to be doing great – it has cleared her CMV and her rhinovirus, and the numbers/percentages of her lymphocytes are good at this point (her CD4 count, as Tommy described earlier, is 535, which is great for day +100). And her pericardial fluid is “stable” over the last couple weeks. And her other bloodwork is doing just fine as well. And she finally seems to have a little stamina. All that is great news. Her enzyme level is still pending, but her team feels confident it will be in the normal range too, at least in her blood compartment, since that’s where her blood cells live. So she is doing about as well as she could be at this point. I still have pangs of (…I’m not sure what the emotion is…sadness? jealousy? anger?) when I remember that a transplant does not cure her. But we’ve learned to live in the moment and this coming home moment is pretty darn good.


8 thoughts on “home sweet HOME

    • And it’s good to know that everything is going well; On the other hand, I want to send hugs and kisses for Laney and Kaya. I miss them a lot ❤️


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