A Very Merry Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas Eve at Grandma Baba’s and a lovely Christmas day at home. Santa was very good to our family and both Kaya and Laney got exactly what they asked for (which was a bag of squishy toys for Kaya and skittles and smarties for Laney). They also had a huge haul from other family members (they have no cousins on either side of the family so they get lots of grandparent/aunt/uncle present love). For Christmas I got a delicious husband-cooked Christmas dinner and a nap in the afternoon when both Maggie and Laney simul-napped! Plus a bottle of champagne in the Yankee swap. There was so much commotion that it was very difficult to get a picture of all 3 girls, so this is the best I could do!


2 thoughts on “A Very Merry Christmas

  1. Love this picture! It was a great Christmas, especially with the unexpected guitar-playing and singing Christmas Eve. I see an actress on the horizon! The Christmas dinner was delicious! Did you try the pumpkin pie…so good.


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