Smiling through it all

Maggie has been finally feeling up to doing some physical therapy/walking, and I remain puzzled at exactly what concoction of infections she has recently had. But it at least includes re-re-activation of her CMV, C diff, and I think a few other viruses strewn in there. Plus there is strep and lice going around Laney’s school and Laney woke up with a “dry hurting” throat this morning, although remains 0/4 Centor criteria so I’m not taking her in to get swabbed for strep yet. But despite all this, Maggie’s 6 months studies show that she remains full donor (ie, all of her blood cells and immune system are from her donor, not her, and therefore make enzyme, although her enzyme levels are still pending).

All in all, Maggie had a lovely Christmas at home and LOVED her new toy Rody until she fell off and is now a little wary. This picture was taken 22 second pre-fall.



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