We went to the Chinese Lantern Festival in Cary the night after Christmas with Gammy, Mila, and all the girls. It was pretty good – beautiful light sculptures and a fun show. But it was also cold and crowded. I brought Maggie in a mask and strapped her to me, which is usually sufficient when we are outside to make me feel like she is protected. But it was too crowded for her, and I spent most of the time trying to find places to see the displays without anyone else around. And as Kaya put it, it would have been really great “on a hot summer night without so many people.” (It actually wasn’t that cold, but Kaya was tired and therefore cold).


2 thoughts on “Lanterns

  1. What a sweet picture of Mila and Laney!! Thanks for sharing a little of the festival with us. It was totally not on my radar of possible activities.


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