Maggie has (well, had) adenovirus

All is well right now, but we had a bit of a scare. Maggie came down with adenovirus, which is potentially a big deal for kids getting bone marrow transplants. Luckily, kinda, adenovirus is one of her main doctors’ areas of specialty. He is/was the primary investigator in several trials of a promising drug for treating adenovirus.

This is a good thing because the typical treatment for adenovirus is a drug called Cidofovir which has some pretty serious toxicity. Instead, we were lucky to start on a trial for a drug cleverly called Brin-cidofovir. Brin, I have learned refers to the small radiating blade of a fan, which is appropriate because Brin-cidofovir has only one known side effect: wicked diarrhea.

Anyhow, we started on that drug, and the adenovirus is now undetectable, at least in serum. Yay!

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