Chivas = Columbian shipping trucks

A great story of Columbian resourcefulness led to this little toy truck. The woman on the left is Doña Aydee, she keeps our floors squeaky clean for our rug rats. (Mila, our Aupair, is on the right, of course.) Mila is from Colombia, and so is Aydee. Aydee went to visit family over the holidays, and ran into Mila’s uncle, who said oh hey, I thought you might be here, so I brought Mila’s Christmas present here in case you would be willing to deliver it back to her. So she did. Amazing! (And, she also brought us a little toy truck.) Discovering this type of family connection is something that American’s could never do.

The little truck is called a Chiva, which apparently is an intensely cultural Colombian artifact. Thank you!

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